Exciting news! Degreed acquired our L&D nudging platform Sparks.

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We are a research and development company that drives technological innovation and change within workplace digital learning and adaptive learning organisations.

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Our products

Our products are built around data, automation and powerful segmentation ensuring you can target engagement, growth, and development to support key business metrics.


Innovative learning experiences built around campaigns, enhanced by AI.

Enhance the impact of your learning initiatives with Sidewire's comprehensive platform that utilizes campaigns and advanced AI technology to create, distribute, and monitor personalized learning experiences for your partners, resellers, contractors, and customers.


Degreed acquired Sparks

In 2022 Degreed, the upskilling platform that connects learning to opportunities, acquired Sparks.

Omnichannel nudging.

Sparks is an L&D platform that sits alongside your LMS/LXP and automates personalized nudges for your learners helping with engagement, growth, and development.

“Enabling intelligent, personalised, data driven nudges to be delivered at the right time via a range of channels was something that I have used Sparks to great effect for with a number of my international clients.”

Craig Taylor, Customer Success Manager at HT2 Labs/Learning Pool.

A digital portfolio to track your skills.

Unlocking the power of personal skill development. Take control of your career growth with SkillsWallet, a personal skills portfolio that gives you the freedom to record your progress and choose who can access it. Say goodbye to being restricted by traditional LMS or LXP solutions within your organization.


A powerful skills graph for your organization.

The ultimate solution for skill development. With features like tree/graph taxonomies, cross-mapping tagsets, and skill taxonomies, SkillsGraph makes it easy to identify and fill skill gaps, helping both learners and organizations meet their goals. And with powerful automations at the ready, you'll be on your way to success in no time.