How it works

Set triggers

Listen out for data that meets a given criteria. Data can be xAPI statements or from integrated services.

Define actions

Define the actions to happened upon a trigger being activated. Choose single or multiple tracks.

Adaptive, Automated, Personas

Set matrix values to ensure an adaptive, automated process for learners based on dynamic personas.

Trigger examples
Course completion
Completes a course, send a course evaluation or enroll on next course.
Curatr Level completion
Encourage participants to have a 1:1 conversation with their Line Manager.
IoT data
Bus driver is speeding, trigger refresher training when back at the depot.
Course drop off
Nudge a learner who has not come back to a course for X number of days.
Struggles on assignment
Send out personalized, timely, actionable support actions.
Passes an exam
Update appropriate CRM / Employee record platforms.
Personalized content
Learner passes a test but could use more info on xyz, send some additional resources.
Trigger learning content based on actions taken within games.
Adaptive experiences
Doing ok
Tim Wright
Art Director
"Well done on completing the level so quickly, we noticed you are really strong when working on "x" but might need a little help around "y". So, here's an article that could help."
Somewhat engaged
Sally Gahan
Marketing Manager
"It's time to arrange a 1-1 with your manager to see if they can help you develop a more effective development plan. Click here to arrange.

Based on personas and other criteria, nudge learners with additional challenges, timely support actions or actionable feedback, tailored to their needs.

ENGAGED: Send follow up email suggesting additional content.
NEEDING HELP: Send follow up email nudge suggesting they arrange a 1:1 with tutor.
Learning Experiences
Deliver just-in-time training

Working with simulations or IoT enabled devices, track and issue training, as it's needed, based on real-time user data.

Automate timely support actions

Provide personalized, timely, actionable support actions to those learning and training as they need it.

Automate adaptive content / learning activities

Delivery of follow on, personalized, content and learning activities based on a learner's experience so far.

Support Nudge Theory

Nudge theory enables the delivery of advice when it is most meaningful and makes resources easy to access resulting in more people taking action.

Nudge theory on Wikipedia

Learning Locker is the leading LRS (Learning Record Store). Reach is an official Learning Locker app. It uses the Learning Locker API to provide an additional layer of service putting your xAPI data to work.

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