A Learning Locker App

Reach is an official Learning Locker app. It builds on the Learning Locker API to provide an additional layer of service putting your learning data to work.

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What are events?

Events are a series of actions that are triggered by Learning Locker statements. Events can include things like the delivery of timely, personalized, feedback throughout a learner's participation in a course, sending out course evaluations upon completion of a training module or triggering just-in-time training refreshers based on simulation or IoT data.

How it works

Set triggers

Triggers are incoming statements from Learning Locker that meet a given criteria.

Define actions

Define the actions to happened upon receipt of a statement from Learning Locker.

Automate and Track

Automate tasks and track progress. Push results back to Learning Locker.

Example usage

Automate timely support actions

Provide personalized, timely, actionable support actions to those learning and training as they need it.

Automate adaptive content / learning activities

Delivery of follow on, personalized, content and learning activities based on a learner's experience so far.

Automate workflow

Facilitate the flow of training and learning information around an organization. For example, making sure CRM and HR systems are up-to-date.

Deliver just-in-time training

Working with simulations or IoT enabled devices, track and issue training, as it's needed, based on real-time user data.

Integrate your existing services

Once an event is triggered via a statement from Learning Locker, connect and automate required follow up actions, tracking progress each step of the way.

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